Student Safety & Mental Health
Above all else, the safety of our schools would be my utmost priority. I am fully committed to creating a secure environment where our students can learn and thrive. This includes implementing a proactive safe schools plan that supports our School Resource Officers (SROs) and all those who work tirelessly to keep our children safe. Additionally, I will strive to expand mental health support, recognizing the crucial role it plays in maintaining a safe and nurturing educational environment.
Student Achievement 
My commitment would be to ensure that our students graduate equipped with the skills and readiness to thrive in both college and their chosen careers. 

In today’s global society, it’s essential that our students leave high school prepared for the challenges ahead. 

I am dedicated to actively listening to the voices of our students, valuing their perspectives, and taking them into account when making decisions that impact their lives.
Educators and support staff
I will work to ensure that our students have the opportunity to learn from outstanding teachers who inspire and support them on their educational journey. 

I strongly believe in empowering our teachers, advocating for our support staff, and actively working to attract and retain the best talent throughout our district.
Fiscally Responsible
With a commitment to responsible financial management, I will place a high priority on completing school rebuilds and renovations that bring tangible benefits to our students and communities. It is crucial for me to ensure that taxpayer dollars are wisely invested in the classroom while meeting the infrastructure needs of our educational institutions.
I will actively engage with our schools and classrooms by regularly visiting and being present on the ground, observing firsthand the needs and successes of our educational institutions. I will be responsive when you need me. 
 I will…
I will be committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our curriculum. It is imperative that we teach African-American history and the contributions of underrepresented communities. By incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences into our lessons, we can foster cultural appreciation, empathy, and a more comprehensive understanding of our shared history.
I will be deeply committed to fostering a customer service-oriented experience in our schools, ensuring that parents and guests are provided with exceptional service. It is my goal to create a welcoming and supportive environment where all individuals feel valued and their needs are met.

Please reach out with any questions. 

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